From laptops and desktops, to iPads and smart phones – computers
are part of our daily lives.


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More than ever, your life is connected with technology, and when it doesn’t work, it's more than a frustration. At Reboot, we are not just experts at getting you up and running again, but our friendly team will take the hassle out of technology and put it to work for you.

Need Help Now?

Click on the link above and call now to receive a code to begin a safe and secure remote session. Our knowledgable and understanding technicians can quickly diagnose and resolve many issues, saving you the hassle of packing up and dropping off your device.

Billed $50.00 every 30 Min

Visit the Reboot Bar, bring in your device, and pull up a chair across from one of our seasoned technicians. Equal parts consultation, repair, and training, we not only fix your issue, but teach you how to prevent future issues. If your issue cannot be fixed in 30 minutes, then you have the option to check in your device and receive a $50.00 credit toward quoted repair.

Billed $50.00 for 30 Min
Checking in device - labor flat $100.00 with parts quoted before repair

Schedule our concierge in-home service to have the ultimate low hassle high tech experience. Our professional and courteous technicians will not only fix every issue but will help you reach all of your technological goals.

Billed $150.00 for 2 hours on site, $100/HR after