Phone Support &
Help Desk

It’s in the middle of a busy work day. You’re in the zone and up against a deadline.  All of a sudden, Outlook won’t send or InDesign crashes. The last thing you need is to waste precious time on hold, waiting for a helpdesk technician who doesn’t understand your problem or just can’t help.

With Reboot, you get fast access to smart, skilled technicians. Through remote access, we’re able to connect to any computer with Internet access to quickly fix your problem and get you back up and running. If our technicians uncover a hardware or system-wide problem, they have priority access to schedule an on-site visit, so you have a plan of action before you get off the phone.

At Reboot, we scale our services to fit your needs. You can choose from as little as a few calls a year, to a dedicated support phone number for your organization. We would love to build a custom, 360-degree coverage plan for you. Click here to set up a consultation today.