Custom Database &
App Development

If acronyms like CRM, SCM, POS, or ERP leave you scratching your head, you’re not alone. Managing custom databases is a complex undertaking. While many companies now realize the need for dynamic databases to manage their business, most databases come with high costs and low satisfaction.

While most companies wouldn’t imagine operating without a website, we regularly see businesses paralyzed, afraid to spend limited resources on the wrong database system or reeling from a previous implementation gone wrong. At Reboot, we passionately believe that it is vital for every company to have a robust database specifically built for their unique methods and processes. And that is exactly what we do.

We design and build database systems that fit your individual business. So whether you need a system to manage customer relationships, supply chain, point of sale, workflow, inventory, or invoicing, we’ll build it to fit your processes, rather than conforming to ours.

Good databases give your sales team accurate customer information, a consistent sales process, and better follow up. Our tools also provide decision makers up-to-the-minute information about customers, human resources, sales, inventory, waste and profitability and more. Plus, the real value of a thorough database system lies in the custom dashboard and reporting which allows you to quickly identify threats or trends, and gain an advantage over your competition.

Our systems are competitively priced, custom integrated, quickly deployed, and highly compatible. While we consistently receive high satisfaction ratings, we take the most pride in knowing that the tools we provide give our customers the competitive advantage they need to thrive in the marketplace.

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