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At Reboot, you’ll experience the same high-tech, low-hassle service you’ve come to expect over the past ten years. You’ll find the same knowledgeable, certified, professional technicians you have grown to love. You’ll see an ever-growing commitment to our passion of integrating Apple products into your lifestyle and business.

Broader Support
Focused Innovation

While we continue to lead the industry in our support of Mac and iOS, we have grown to be so much more. Both small businesses and large enterprise companies rely on us to manage their network, administer their email, deploy and maintain their servers across platforms, manage mobile devices, and keep users running and productive, both on-site and through our remote help desk.

At our new downtown location, there are more ways to receive help when you need it. For speedy service, visiting our support site gives our technicians immediate remote access to your laptop or desktop. For low-cost, personal service, visit our Reboot Bar to sit across the counter from an experienced, certified technician at only $25.00 per visit. For the ultimate white glove experience, schedule on-site service and let our technicians come to you.

From on demand phone support to competitive hourly and daily rates, Reboot is flexible enough to completely manage your IT infrastructure – or partner with your existing technology team for special projects.

We are a team you can rely on

At Reboot, we only hire the best technicians. Every technician is fully trained to service both Mac and Windows platforms. We also have technicians who specialize in server deployment, database and app design, network management, security, surveillance, and mobile device management. Our technicians work quickly to diagnose and solve your problem, and they’re trained to give you minimal downtime.

We are a team you can trust

In addition their certifications and skills, character is important to each member of our team. Our employees are volunteers and leaders in their communities, churches, and schools. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and best practices of our industry, providing the same level of service we would expect of ourselves.

We are a team you will love

While “Geek Speak” may feel like a different language, our team is trained to explain the problem and potential solutions clearly, so that you can make decisions with confidence. We promise our technicians will not be condescending or make you feel foolish – no matter your level of IT knowledge.


  • We’ve worked with the Reboot team for the past ten years. They have always been responsive…from standard maintenance issues to technical glitches that emerge and gobble up productivity. It’s those kinds of days when we think they are superheroes in disguise! We appreciate the consistent level of good service, troubleshooting, and problem solving – all with a calm demeanor. Many thanks to Reboot!

    Daphane Telfer, Creative Design Manager
    CNO Financial Group

  • Reboot is all about the technicians. They've always exceeded our expectations. From the initial set-up of systems, through regular maintenance, to troubleshooting and advice on future needs – Reboot reps have had the answers and insight we've required. Though we're a Mac shop, we're also the in-house design team for a PC-based corporation. Reboot works seamlessly with our corporate IT group to ensure we're able to link to printers and servers across our network.

    David – Corporate Customer
    Indianapolis, IN

  • Reboot is responsive to our needs, and brings us the knowledge and experience necessary to manage our computer equipment and network. We also use them to proactively run regular maintenance on all our equipment to keep us running at peak performance.

    Mark Felger, general manager
    Brand Innovation Group

  • Skytech and our affiliate companies were some of the first Reboot customers and we have enjoyed a great relationship for many years. We have used and rely on the excellent level of service from Reboot for over 15 years, and we still rely on their advice and expert knowledge of IT issues.
    As the world of electronic communication and data moves faster and faster, Reboot has the ability and talent to keep our corporation up to date and relevant in the market today. I would highly recommend Reboot to someone who is looking for quality IT support on a timely and cost effective basis.

    Christopher Flick, CEO

  • When the market is hot, we can’t afford to let computer problems slow us down. The technicians at Reboot have long been our trusted partners in technology. I love the fact that they are knowledgeable, responsive, and local. We are thrilled to have them in our corner.

    Jamie Lancia, Vice President
    Lancia Homes

  • Our company is running 24 hours a day and our IT needs never stop. Reboot understands how costly downtime can be and is always responsive to our needs. We are grateful we can rely on Reboot for everything from general IT, to project management, to custom database development.

    Jeremiah Abbott, Global Pre-press Manager
    CPI card Group